Organic food, straight from the farm

From farm to table

We exclusively work with organic and biodynamic farms, from all over Italy.

Most of our farmers are certified organic or biodynamic. We highly value pure ingredients, of which we know their origin. That is why we work hard to partner with the best farmers in the country, from North Italy to Sicily.

With our partner farmers, we guarantee chemical-free products. How? Our farmers use only the purest soil, that is brimming with minerals and nutrients.

What this means for you?

Organic food

Organic food means pure food, cultivated without the use of any chemical products.

Regular agricultural products are often treated with synthetically produced herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and dyes. In organic agriculture, this synthetic practice is replaced by animals (such as insects), vegetables and minerals.

Organic cultivation is environmental-friendly, helps protect and maintain fields en avoids the waste of natural sources.

Biodynamic products

In biodynamic agriculture the farmer takes his cultivation even further than the organic method.

In addition to the absence of chemicals, the farmer creates a closed circle in his production process. All products are reused, which makes self-sufficient soil. In line with the Rudolph Steiner principles, the Earth’s elements are the strength of the biodynamic cultivation process. Not a thing is wasted.

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From farm to table

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