Season based

Depending on season and farm location, we receive a variety of products that differs each time. This means that the menu changes every day.

Daily delivery

We create a whole new menu based on freshly delivered products. Come in and discover our breakfast, salads, soups, oven dishes, vegetable patés and pastries.

taste biodynamic today!

Smart bowls
Fruit bowl
Smoothie bowl
Oven dishes
Pastries & cakes
Cheese selection

Cold-press juices
Vitamin shots
Organic coffee

Natural & biodynamic Wine


From 8 am during the week and 9 am in the weekend, we are ready to spoil you with Carduccio Breakfast. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect for breakfast:

breakfast bowls
chia seed pudding
avocado toast 
vegan & gluten free pasties and cakes


For lunch, we serve all sorts of smart bowls, salads and oven dishes. Come in and find out what Carduccio serves today!


In the mood for a small bite with your glass of wine? We’ve got your back with crostini and bruschetta.